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Epoxy Coated Filter Screen

Epoxy Coated Woven Wire Filter Screen¡¡¡¡ Woven Aluminum Wire Filter Screen


Epoxy Coated Filter Screen

Types: Epoxy coated black annealed wire filter screen, Epoxy coated aluminum wire filter screen
Finished with high quality epoxy powders coated, mainly colour is black, dark gray, charcoal gray, other colour is available upon request.

Feature: Epoxy coated filter screen has good performance of high flexible, soft, high elongation, form shaped easily, flat screen surface, uniform opening and powder coated. It's widely used as material of air filter, oil filter, gas filter etc.

                                        Epoxy Coated Filter Screen


Iron Annealed Wire Filter Screen

Aluminum Wire Filter Screen


Iron Annealed Wire

Aluminum Alloy Wire



18x14, 18x16


Epoxy Powder Coated

Epoxy Powder Coated



Gray, Blue, Black

Roll Width

18'' to 48''

18'' to 1m

Roll Length

30m, 50m

30m to 300mm or more

                           Special Design Available Upon Your Requirement