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Polyethylene Gutter Mesh


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Polyethylene Gutter Mesh

Polyethylene mesh can be used as gutter mesh, widely used for roof drainage gutter protection systems.

Material£ºhigh density Polyethylene( HDPE)

Feature of Polyethylene Gutter Mesh
Makes a great leaf guard by eliminating leaf and debris in gutters
Gutter cleaning is no longer dangerous
Guttering downpipes have a significantly increased lifespan
Raised strand make more rigid, with light weight
Aperture can accept heavy rainfall 
Easily inspection of gutters by simple see through
Low cost and very economic

Specification of Polyethylene Gutter Mesh
Only 100% virgin,food grade HDPE raw material 
Manufactured using industry leading extrusion technology
Strand thinkness 1.5-2.0mm
Aperature 3.5mm
Available in a range of colours