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Custom Fabricated Wire Mesh

Decorative Metal Sceen                  Dutch Weave Filter Disc Screen

Filter Basket                     Multi-Layer Filter Disc

Perforated Metal Filter Disc                Pleated Wire Mesh Filter Elements

Porforated Metal Screen Pipe                    Reverse Dutch Weave Filter Screen

Sieve Screen                       Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Cartridge

Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Disc              Stainless Filter Cartridge

Custom Fabricated Wire Mesh Products

Except supply general wire mesh products, Baojiao also supply Secondary Operation to the wire mesh----Custom Fabricated. Custom Fabricated including:

    • Custom Weave Wire Mesh
    • Shearing and Cutting-to-Size
    • Etching and Laser perforated
    • Welding, Seaming, Slitting
    • Flattening, Notching
    • Sintered Laminated
    • With Flange, handle